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Take a glance at the "Why" behind Defiant Syndicate Co

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.52.43
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.52.43

The need for load-bearing equipment has been around since weapons were first forged. At Defiant Syndicate Co, we recognize that the individual warfighter's tasks are extremely malleable and subject to change, so our gear follows suit. With this in mind, we have designed and are currently producing load-bearing equipment that will fill the needs of the warfighter concerned with counter-insurgency and peer-to-peer threats. Additionally we aim to fill our shop with ruggedized gear, designed to withstand the ways of the modern war fighter. We stay on top of the current trends, so you won't question the applicability of our gear.

All of our gear is Berry Compliant and we wouldn't have it any other way. Berry compliant essentially means everything that goes into the production of our gear is procured within the United States and that production will exclusively occur on U.S. soil. We do this for two reasons. The first being, Defiant Syndicate Co is proudly American and we fully support other hard-working Americans. The second is to ensure peace of mind, when you are downrange, you know, the gear Defiant Syndicate offers will not fail, because its roots are in America.

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From the very first CIF issue, we realized there was a lack of communication between the 0311 Lance Corporal and the guys with a lot of shine on their collar because the issued pile of carefully stitched nylon was a poor excuse for bottom feeder equipment. Yes, it worked, but it was too often that he would see other grunts "making do" with what they were issued. This didn't sit right with us, so the flame was lit. From that point forward the concerns, trends, and aftermarket options were religiously studied until a strong knowledge base was formed and with it, so were the initial ventures of Defiant Syndicate Co.

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